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IT security is our mission Strategically aligned to help you meet goals while reducing cost.

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Have 24/7/365 security and networking professionals available without hurting your bottom line today.
At NetWorks Group we are experts in compliance management, assessment & remediation, managed services for security, and ethical hacking.

Managed Services

We understand that for security to mesh with business, both must be maintained intelligently and with cost in mind. Streamlining the complexities found in security and infrastructure upkeep, we're able to provide a service unlike any other.

Providing a multitude of services to cover all elements of your infrastructure, our services are designed to reduce costs, free up time, and let you focus on what's important while we handle the security and availability.

Learn how to cut your IT costs over 25% today.

46% of organizations cut annual IT expenses by over a quarter after utilizing MSP services
2011 web application breaches reached an all time high.

Ethical Hacking

With the amount of external attackers increasing substantially every year, it's more important than ever test more than in-place internal security methods. Our ethical hackers are experienced in hunting down your vulnerabilities before a malicious attacker steals your private data.

To ensure the security of your architecture you must validate current methods of protection. Web Application Assessments and External Penetration Tests make sure your potentially externally-facing attack surfaces are safe.

Don't let a breach happen to you, find out more.


Compliance, Governance and Risk Management are the frameworks that hold up security requirements. PCI, HIPAA, and EI3PA compliance are necessary to developing a strong and continuously secure environment.

Our Disaster Recovery, Policies and Procedures, and Framework Development can keep you moving in the worst of circumstances.

Are you sure you're fully compliant?

Only 21% of companies were fully compliant with PCI standards in 2011.

We’ve already helped thousands of businesses around the world stay stable and secure, how can we help you?

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