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Streamlining a resilient defense posture is required to enable growth and promote business objectives.

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NetWorks Group's security and industry expertise helps our clients define the right cyber posture model that secures their business and adapts to threats as they evolve. This reduces uncertainty to enable better decisions, mitigate risks, and maximize efficiency in the business journey.

Our approach allows clients to gain clarity and insight on threats, accelerate response, gain visibility across their business environment, and enable teams to focus on higher-priority IT issues that promote their business objectives.

This means we provide immediate attention when and where required to give you confidence that your business is secure regardless of the threats it may face as you lead your business into the future.

More Than Managed

By understanding your specific security priorities, we meet your needs in practical, cost-effective ways so you can focus on other priorities that promote organizational objectives.

Breadth & Depth

Our over 20 years of experience help us not only understand risk, but how we can help proactively prevent risk while improving security outcomes to create the safe environment your people deserve.

The NWG Difference

As a dedicated part of your team, we constantly strive to understand your business and find trailblazing solutions that break from the status quo to put you at the forefront of your industry.

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Children’s Miracle Network

Children's Miracle Network depends on online fundraising to support its mission, and its online activities yield tens of millions of dollars in donations. CMN's mission relies on a secure and PCI compliant infrastructure to ensure donations are spent helping children, not paying regulatory fines or ransoms.

To ensure donor confidence, we partnered with CMN to preserve the relationship between the organization and their partners. We placed experienced ethical hackers on site to test all aspects of CMN's security - people, process, and technology.

The results of our initial penetration test helped to usher in a new security culture at CMN. The internal IT team has used our roadmap to ramp up its network security program to put mechanisms in place to help CMN meet PCI compliance.

Greenleaf Hospitality Group

Greenleaf Hospitality Group is a $40 million award-winning organization, made of three companies with 550 employees that strives to maintain strict data security while operating a lean, efficient, and business-focused technology group.

The challenge is that Greenleaf Hospitality Group processes nearly 1 million credit card transactions every year across their three properties and their firewalls and other security devices produce around 20 million logs per day.

As Greenleaf's security partner, we identify and mitigate IT security risks by
- Reviewing and retention of security logs
- Providing timely and actionable alerts to the Greenleaf team
- Performing regular penetration testing
- Assisting maintenance of PCI compliance through Change Control, Vulnerability Management, and penetration tests.

The results? Peace of mind and a positive financial return on investment.

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