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A strategic partner, not a plug-in.

Operating as true strategic partners, we are an extension of our partners' teams. We advise on strategy, implement solutions tailored to their industry, and manage the entire security operations to protect critical resources: data, identity, and infrastructure.

This means we provide immediate attention when and where required to give you confidence that your business is secure regardless of the threats it may face as you lead your business into the future.

IT Risk IS Business Risk.

Our holistic approach bridges the gap between technology, security, and business to ensure improvements are felt company-wide.

Breadth & Depth

Our over 20 years of experience help us not only understand risk, but how we can help proactively prevent risk while improving security outcomes to create the safe environment your people deserve.

The NWG Difference

As a dedicated part of your team, we constantly strive to understand your business and find trailblazing solutions that break from the status quo to put you at the forefront of your industry.

Medical Mutual

Medical Mutual of Ohio wanted a penetration test that would provide them with a real-world view into their risk of attack without going over budget, instead of a limited scan-and-exploit test that rarely discovers new risks. Like other organizations in industries that store sensitive data, identifying the correct balance of technology, resources and risk for information security and compliance is a necessity for Medical Mutual.

NetWorks Group was able to not only provide risk identification and demonstration, but also guidance in areas that could be improved to prevent attacks. Our approach allowed Medical Mutual to focus on improving their security posture through the provided prioritized findings instead of attempting to interpret and debate the accuracy of report findings.

Most importantly, we provided Medical Mutual with the information necessary to determine how their current security solutions were performing and how best to prioritize future investments.

National Machinery

As a large-scale engineering facility with locations on four continents (North America, South America, Continental Europe and Asia), keeping IP and customer data secure is paramount for National Machinery.

Protecting the company’s competitive advantage is key to long-term business viability. With tens of thousands of attempts to breach the firewall each day, National Machinery relies on NetWorks Group for security expertise to keep their IP safe from cyber thieves.

As their trusted advisor, we were able to give National Machinery the confidence to focus its internal technology efforts on supporting the company’s business processes, like its networking infrastructure and enterprise resource planning system (ERP).

Employment Background Investigations

EBI is one of the largest privately held screening firms in the country and holds ISO certifications for both Quality Management and Information Security. All with the goal to ensure their partners can trust those that they hire. The fact that the business is based on Personally Identifiable Information (PII) makes them a high-value target and any vulnerability or weakness exploited erodes customers' confidence and trust in EBI.

To stay ahead of attacks, we partnered with EBI to ensure they have both the cutting-edge solutions and a sound remediation roadmap to increase their overall security posture. Throughout our partnership with EBI, we regularly perform full-scope penetration testing and vulnerability management services that allow EBI to evolve and eliminate any potential recurring problems.

By helping EBI identify risk, implement solutions, and increase their overall security posture, we've also given them a strategic business advantage. EBI frequently impresses their customers with their security protocols. This gives EBI customers the confidence to do business and trust their sensitive data with EBI.

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