Managed Security Solutions

24/7 peace of mind and increased productivity through Managed Security Solutions, right-sized for your business.

NWG Manage: Build a solid foundation from the start.

In our twenty years of experience working with a diverse set of clients, we have seen pretty much everything that can go wrong with a network.

We understand that to have a successful key infrastructure in place, it must be built correctly from the start. Your business, technical, and operational requirements for uptime, performance, security, and resiliency guide goals and expectations. Regardless of whether it’s a brand new environment or an existing infrastructure that needs rehabilitation, we have the expertise and experience to help you build and manage the environment your business demands. Whether you're using Palo Alto NetWorks, Cisco, Fortinet, Juniper, or any other manufacturer, we can help you with a variety of tasks to ensure that your systems are running reliably and securely.

Built and managed to keep you up and running securely 24/7, 365 days a year

Our experts are always on high alert to make sure your key infrastructure is secure so you can use your company resources to focus on what's truly important.

If an alert goes off at 2am, we'll be ready to determine root cause quickly. If it’s an equipment problem, we’ll take responsibility for getting you back up and running quickly. Our goal is give you the peace of mind you deserve to focus on what moves your business forward. Leave the rest to us!

Address gaps in your security posture with managed services.

NetWorks Group provides additional Managed Security Services designed to address common service gaps our customers often face in their security posture.

Understand your risk landscape and build a remediation roadmap.

Let us show you your roadmap to increased business security, efficiency, and competitive advantage.

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