It's All About the Team: Our Epic Ann Arbor Adventure

Last week, we brought together our full #remote team for an all-hands event in Ann Arbor! It was an absolute blast, allowing us to finally meet some of our teammates face-to-face for the first time and reconnect with the rest.  We took a breather to pat each other on the back for the wins, brainstormed over hurdles we're tackling, and swapped high-fives for all the awesome feedback and shoutouts.  

But it wasn't all serious stuff – we made sure to sneak in loads of unstructured fun time. Games, inside jokes, and more laughs than we can count!  Throughout the whole gathering, we kept our eyes on the prize: strengthening our team spirit and those personal connections that make us tick. Our values of empathy, honesty, integrity, and collaboration were front and center, reminding us why we're all part of this amazing journey together.

Huge kudos to the masterminds who put this shindig together – you know who you are!  And, of course, a massive shoutout to every member of our rockstar team – you are the heartbeat of our incredible culture! 🙌🌟

Here's to more shared successes and collaborative milestones ahead!


#AnnArbor #StrongerTogether #remotework #TeamBonding


Published By: Dave Howard, President, NetWorks Group

Publish Date:  August 10, 2023

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