Benefits of Partnering With NetWorks Group for Managed Services vs Hiring New Employees

Benefits of Partnering With NetWorks Group for Managed Services vs Hiring New Employees

November 2, 2020

Are you faced with the decision to add capacity to your team by hiring security expertise or partnering with an expert third-party service provider?  Here are some quick ideas to consider:

Risks of hiring

  • Experience - are they up to the job?
  • Training - not just upfront, but ongoing
  • Costs tend to increase over time - it’s tough to reduce salaries or people
  • Fully loaded costs go beyond the salary - benefits, office space, and more
  • Costs come in big increments - you can’t add ½ a person to your team
  • 24/7 coverage is a drag - no individual wants to be available around the clock
  • Employees take vacations and get sick - your security needs don’t
  • Retention is an ongoing task - once they’re fully trained, you’ve got to hold on to them
  • Focus - how likely is it that the employee will get pulled off task to help with issues in other areas?

Benefits of partnering with NetWorks Group (NWG)

  • Experience - 23 years as a company refining mature processes to successfully support customers (and many more years of collective experience on the team)
  • Perspective - we work with customers big and small across many industries
  • Value - customers leverage NWG to drive better ROI from their security investments
  • Dependability  - no sick days or vacations and our systems track tasks to ensure timely completion
  • Availability - NWG support operates 24/7 and we’re always available 
  • Predictable costs - NWG engagements are all fixed cost so you can budget effectively
  • Phased approach - You can ease in by picking the most impactful projects to start with
  • Personal touch - our team is big enough to allow for diverse specializations and expertise but small enough to have personal relationships with our clients
  • Quick time to value - from the time you say “go”, we can move very quickly

We’ve seen that the partnering approach to security allows your team to focus on what’s unique to your business and allows us to be the experts on security.  We end up functioning as an extension of your team but at a manageable cost and with deep experience and the coverage that today’s security demands.

To discuss the services that align best with your needs, reach out to NetWorks Group at or (888) 798-1012.

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