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Web Application Assessment

It's never "just a web site".

The prevalence of web sites and applications being compromised for their sensitive data or being utilizing as a foot-hold for attackers continues to reach new levels. Whether its customer passwords, personally identifiable information (PII), financial data, health data, or intellectual property, web sites and their related services often contain extremely important data for organizations. The risk factors of compromise are many, and continually growing. Even a simple plugin or theme can lead to a breach of your organizations data and potentially, internal network. Don't let your company make the news for being the latest web site breached.

Don't Be a Statistic

  • "73% of the organizations in the study have been hacked at least once in the last 24 months"
  • "72% of the respondents test less than 10 percent of their applications"
  • "64% of respondents say their organizations have been hacked through insecure Web applications between 1 and 10 times in the past 24 months"

Barracuda Web App Firewall Protection

Plenty at Risk

It's easy to view a web site such as a blog as a harmless application. The reality though is that blog software, its plugins, and its themes are all creating a large attack surface to be exploited. A user's blog password could be the same password as their VPN or Intranet accounts. Further, many external web sites aren't properly segmented from other network resources, allowing for a compromise of more than just a blog post.

No Skill Needed

The majority of Internet-facing resources for many companies are web applications. Knowing this, entire tool sets and vulnerability assessment programs are dedicated to carefully evaluate and exploit web application code. With many of these techniques requiring little effort on the part of an attacker, the ability to scan a web server and break-in without trouble should be a great concern to any organization.

It's easy to leave the door wide-open.

Developing secure web applications is quite hard if a focus on security isn't given throughout the process. Even seasoned web application developers will have never likely heard of or seen the types of exploitation common against their development platform. With vulnerabilities possible in not only their own code, but libraries and frameworks they utilize, the potential for exploitation is quite high. Further, the web application server and supported modules can also lead to exploitation in fringe cases depending on configuration.

Unlike other development platforms, web applications are generally open to the entire Internet with an unknown sum of attackers and bots scanning for weak code. A single slip-up with escaping a string or checking for a proper input from a form can lead to a full application compromise. As a web site grows in complexity and adds dynamic elements (such as database access or plugin loading), the risks increase exponentially for the potential to have a vulnerability exist in the product or site.

Even if you trust your web application vendor of choice, few companies have a spotless record. Whether your team develops their own code, modifies another company's web application, or just downloaded a piece of software from a freeware site, the only assurance you can have that it isn't vulnerable is by having qualified security professionals review the application for issues. There's entirely too much at risk not to.

Don't make the news for the wrong reason

As web site breaches increase, so does the likelihood that the compromise will be very publicly announced and that private information will be disseminated about your customers or organization. Attackers may want nothing more than to simply embarrass your organization and damage your brand.

Get in front of your compliance needs

Web application security will be scrutinized heavily by auditors due to the prevalence of breaches over the past decade. Due to a variety of factors from lack of developer education to rushed code going production too soon, web applications are going to be an easy target to give your company a failing grade.

Do more than just solve symptoms

By having a web application review done, the lessons learned will be able to impact the security of all of your organization's web deployments. The benefits of having even just a single site tested can lead to a functional change in how code is written and deployed, providing for positive security change.

A waiting game you'll always lose

On a long enough timeline, web applications will likely lead to a compromise of data or resources for an organization. Without actively maintaining and reviewing web sites, the availability of a new vulnerability that was previously unknown can make your security take a turn for the worse. Start your due diligence now.

Our approach to Web Application Assessments.

The challenge of quality security practices regarding web development is quite staggering. Without a foundation in information security, the many nuances of a programming language can dramatically affect whether or not code is secure. Even a talented and seasoned developer may have never taken training or had a college course about the many risks to implementing code. By having well-educated, highly experienced security professionals — who also develop code themselves — reviewing your web application, the likelihood to find room for improvement is quite high. When even a small failure in secure coding occurs, the outcomes can be quite serious. Don't allow your next software project to go live without first having a second pair of qualified eyes review the application.

We're Programmers

More than just security professionals, we're also developers. We're able to speak with your team in terms they understand to help the process move along in an efficient manner with great results.

Remediation Guidance

'Done' to us means that your team is fixing problems, not just holding a report. We'll work with your developers to guide them on the steps to take in order to remediate vulnerable code.

Looking Where You're Not

Our team is looking for types vulnerabilities that your team may not even be aware exist. It's hard to stay on-top of the evolving landscape of information security, so let us help guide you.

Comprehensive Reports

The report your team will receive from us will include proof-of-concept exploits, screenshots, and any other detail we're able to provide, per vulnerability or issue type.

A Phone Call Away

When questions come up during your project's remediation phase or your team just needs another couple of questions answered after the engagement is finished, we're still here, waiting to help.

More Than Code

During a web application assessment, issues regarding your server's underlying software (web server, middleware, database server) may come up. We have the expertise on all adjacent areas of web application technology to help your team security, top to bottom.

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