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Vulnerability Management


Vulnerability Management That Works for You Through Compliance and Ongoing Security

Meet PCI compliance faster with in-depth vulnerability tracking and remediation. Get deeper insights into the state of vulnerable infrastructure and learn where pain points can be resolved as quickly as possible.

NetWorks Group provides an intuitive service backed by experienced security professionals, allowing your IT teams to find and resolve issues before they become big problems.

Better Approach

A Better Approach to Vulnerability Management

It’s thought that a vulnerability scan will only tell you what you already know is wrong, and only necessary for the sake of compliance. This is often due to the vast amount of information that comes from organizations running their own vulnerability scans coupled with the lack of experienced security professionals to help assess risk. The reality of a NWG Vulnerability Management solution is that it helps you to filter through the noise of thousands of data points and prioritizes your remediation approach to vulnerabilities that can result in exploitation or data loss.

NWG’s security professionals provide an in-depth false positive testing and issue prioritization process so time isn’t being wasted by your IT teams on imaginary vulnerabilities.

Not only will your infrastructure’s security stance be more transparent and easy to manage, you will gain compliance with PCI DSS’ Vulnerability Management requirements. Make your organization more efficient, save on costs, be secure, and gain compliance with the NWG Vulnerability Management service.

Faster Compliance

Meet PCI Compliance Fast

Being PCI compliant can be a massive timesink for many organizations who want to focus on the tasks at hand internally. NWG makes meeting the Vulnerability Management PCI DSS requirements (6.1, 11.2.1, and 11.2.3) a breeze for organizations of a variety of sizes with a team of auditors, security professionals, and engineers behind it.

Real World Security Improvements

Better Security

While monthly and quarterly vulnerability scans are important to compliance, the way that data is interpreted can greatly improve security. NWG’s vulnerability tracking reviewed, validated, and prioritized by experienced security professionals provides insight into the state of your infrastructure.

Efficient Workflow

Teamwork + Efficiency

NWG security engineers investigate each scan and simplify prioritization to assist your organization in expediting remediation efforts. This allows you to speed up your workflow for remediation and be more agile in your decisions to secure your organization without second guessing the results.

PCI Compliance Made Simple

Vulnerability Management is a complex program that’s hard to maintain long-term. NWG provides straightforward compliance with PCI DSS 6.1, 11.2.1, and 11.2.3 as well as important infrastructure security insight. No need to keep up with future PCI compliance changes, the service and NWG evolves with you. Providing you with a necessary program for your organization that will make you more secure effortlessly.

PCI Vulnerability Management Requirements
6.1 Establish a process to identify security vulnerabilities, using reputable outside sources for security vulnerability information, and assign a risk ranking (for example, as “high,” “medium,” or “low”) to newly discovered security vulnerabilities.
11.2.1 Perform quarterly internal vulnerability scans and rescans as needed, until all “high-risk” vulnerabilities (as identified in Requirement 6.1) are resolved. Scans must be performed by qualified personnel.
11.2.3 Perform internal and external scans, and rescans as needed, after any significant change. Scans must be performed by qualified personnel.

Security meetings take a fraction of the time now that NWG is handling reviewing and prioritizing our VM program.
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Correlate and Track Risks and Vulnerabilities, Don't Miss Things With Just Scans

Vulnerability Scanning

Pros Cons
Requires little effort Doesn't provide actionable data
Can generally be handled internally Can make IT team inefficient
Can be very targeted Misses month-to-month issues
  Hard to accomodate scoping changes
  Requires experienced pros to read and understand
  No false positive tracking
  No risk acceptance tracking
  Remediation prioritization can take large amounts of time

Vulnerability Management

Pros Cons
Get vastly more data with an easily expandable scope Can be complex to set up without a third party vendor or internal experience
Correlate data month-to-month Scanning software outputs can vary greatly causing issues switching technologies
The scope can grow/shrink and the data follows as needed The amount of data can become overwhelming quickly
Allows for a healthy and secure infrastructure Prioritization can be difficult without experienced professionals
Can give clear direction on ongoing remediation needs  
Risk acceptance and false positive tracking  

Reporting Built for Your Needs

Gain Important Insights Into Infrastructure

  • Future-proof your compliance obligations with NWG vulnerability management service, evolving to fit your needs
  • Sort through your vulnerabilities by status or asset to get the data you want fast
  • Track the vulnerabilities on each of your scanned assets throughout the lifetime of scanning
  • Clear and easy prioritization of issues in reporting, no more time wasting on fixing low priority vulnerabilities
  • Find out where your pain points are in infrastructure security and catch them before they grow
  • NWG security personnel become an extension of your team, working on the same scan and correlated data
  • Interactive and always-on customer portal allowing a deep dive into information from all devices
VM Program - NWG
A Historic Issue Tracking Historic vulnerability tracking allows an easy-to-follow separation between newly open issues and issues that were previously fixed.
B Efficient Workflow No need to put extra effort into tracking remediation in another tool unless desired. NWG’s VM service checks for existing issues against the latest scans and closes fixed vulnerabilities automatically.
C Impactful Reporting No longer is it necessary to try to correlate multiple months of reporting. Reporting is separated into your Internal and External environments, providing clear directions on importance of remediation.
D Special Exceptions False positives can happen sometimes and remediating them is a wasted effort. NWG’s security team is there to validate the important risks. Additionally, risk accepting vulnerabilities for those pesky legacy hardware systems makes for easy month-to-month issue prioritization.
E Smart Asset Tracking Each scan has the potential for devices to change and each asset has it’s own vulnerability history. Get straightforward asset vulnerability history and details that you can correlate.

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