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Security Monitoring &
Log Management


Easy to setup, simple to use, get better security today!

Custom built to provide the best possible service for your organization, Security Monitoring includes real-time event collection and detection with information that is actually important to you.

The service is continuously tuned by experts (Check out Mike to the right!) to improve threat detection criteria to make sure threats to your organization aren't missed. The NetWorks Group combination of Intelligent Automation and Security Experts allows for faster and more accurate event detection versus most tool-focused Security Monitoring products.

Ensuring Your Compliance Requirements and Security Needs Are Met

The complexity that comes with building a log management and security threat detection program internally only grows over time. With the Security Monitoring Service, we handle your log collection, retention, and threat detection to give you insights into your network without added infrastructure worries.

Provides comprehensive security from the host to the border with actionable intelligence, an important part of the whole for a mature and holistic security program.

Built to be Better

Built to be Better

Built by a team of security professionals, network engineers, and big data developers, Security Monitoring was custom-tailored to your needs by people who know how to secure your environment. Able to provide real-time reporting with accuracy validation and recommendations provide actionable data instead of just noise.

Reduce Cost, Increase Efficiency

Reduce Cost, Increase Efficiency

Millions of events can happen in the matter of an hour, this means that log retention alone can be difficult and expensive over time. Security Monitoring comes with a year of log retention and management so you only have to worry about ensuring security events are taken care of.

Your Customer Portal

Your Customer Portal

Built into the NetWorks Group Portal, Security Monitoring allows your team to manage and discuss all threats with our Security Analysts. You can easily view and manage events within your organization to identify common issues and threats to identify issues early.

Why NetWorks Group Security Monitoring

Offsite Log Management and Security Monitoring has numerous benefits, from reducing expected infrastructure costs with tools like Splunk to allowing a mature big data program to take in your data and process it accordingly so threats can be found quickly.

NetWorks Group often hears from organizations that their current provider isn't giving them real threats, quick responses, or any useful information. Security Monitoring was built specifically to provide you with prioritized and confirmed threats to your organization immediately when they are detected.

Reducing Noise For Your Teams

Over the span of a week, Security Monitoring cut this customer's data down from 147 million events to 14 real identified potential security events. Each of the 14 events are prioritized to determine potential threat to your infrastructure based on specific criteria created by NetWorks Group Senior Security Analysts.

Funnel Example

In situations where you have millions of events a day, especially when 99% are benign, it can be difficult to pull the needle out of the haystack. NetWorks Group Security Monitoring service takes numerous pieces of data into consideration to make sure you know when your users accesses a threat, not just doing their job.

Making Response Easy

SMS Portal Image

NetWorks Group Security Monitoring provides your team with clear information on the prioritization, confidence, type, and description of every event that occurs in your infrastructure with your own internal status tracking.

Security Monitoring was built to make the details of each event straightforward and simple to remediate. If responding to security events is overly complex, efforts quickly fall off and any security posture improvements are lost. If you ever have questions, the NetWorks Group Security Analyst teams are always available to chat with inside the Portal itself.

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