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Security Architecture Review

Complexity and security don't have to be at odds.

A thoughtful approach to security requires that your environment goes beyond a simple checklist of favorable technologies. The difference between using a firewall or IPS and merely installing one without configuration is equivalent to buying a new car and immediately taking the wheels off of it. How you deploy security, rather than which product you buy, can make a sizable difference in the ability for your infrastructure to withstand attacks and remain strong. Placement, tuning, configuration, and core technologies all matter when deploying security. The security architecture is the foundation to any proper infrastructure.

Don't Drop Your Guard

Firewall deployments have been a common security feature to just about every architecture for decades now. Aside from having one, the tuning of such a system is critical to not only preventing undue headaches but ensuring that the gaps in coverage aren't allowing traffic to flow where it's not supposed to. Placement and tuning are essential requirements for any architecture.

It's More Than VLANs

Even with the best of intentions, security architecture can go sideways. Talented people make mistakes or overlook settings that can create a hole in your architecture. Using a VLAN to segment traffic is great, unless your team forgot to turn off VLAN-routing and are allowing traffic to pass in ways that you never intended. Don't find out after it's too late.

Web Applications Matter

Even a well-tested web application can lead to a breach when an unknown vulnerability pops up from a utilized library or module. Don't have your users compromised simply because of an unforeseen security issue. By putting a Web Application Firewall (WAF) in the correct place on your network and tuning appropriately, you can save your team and customers from a serious compromise.

Don't guess at your weakest link.

Designing a functional infrastructure is hard enough without trying to evaluate every link in the chain for potential security weaknesses. Despite that challenge, it's crucial to evaluate the intricacies of a deployment to determine where vulnerabilities could exist within the architecture.

The individual components of an architecture often grow organically -- added one by one, until things "work". While the functional goals of an architecture may have been achieved, a considerate review of how those pieces have come together and where improvements in security lie is a great next step. Even if you're just getting started with a new infrastructure, a review of the plans to go forward with can save you time and money in the future.

Having a holistic review of your infrastructure can allow for not only reducing complexity but also adding risk mitigation throughout where weaknesses exist. A security architecture review will provide the knowledge of where improvements are needed and a plan of guidance to get you there.

Stay ahead of your future

By taking the time now to have an architecture review, your organization will spend less time recovering from breaches and fixing inefficient security deployments.

Money well spent

Maintaining security software and appliances can lead to cost savings by spending less to do more. Spending more money in security in likely a cause for failure, rather than a solution.

Gain new perspective

By having an outside party review your security architecture, the existing mindset and insights that a team may hold can be changed dramatically. It's easy to get comfortable.

Understand your architecture

With new perspectives comes a clearer realization of what your architecture looks like and how it works. The review process has the added benefit of making the less obvious, more obvious.

Our approach to Security Architecture Reviews

It's tough to manage an infrastructure, let alone try to evaluate the inner-workings to a level sufficient for the security requirements an organization puts forward. The acceptance of deploying an IPS or firewall to a network without proper tuning is all-too-common, but will ultimately provide for little protection or awareness when it counts. Don't fall into the gap of a false sense of information security; let NetWorks Group give your architecture the review it deserves and help your team to fix issues before they become real problems.

We're Specialists

Security architecture can mean many things and a blanket approach to solving problems may only lead to more problems. At NetWorks Group we have specialists who can authoritatively review and make recommendations on topics including (but not limited to): firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems, routing, switching, server deployments, PKI, and two-factor authentication.

Detailed Results

Rather than simply stating a firewall is 'working' or that a server is 'secure', our team will provide a detailed report outlining everything from best practices not being followed, to how well your configurations match the vendor's recommendations. Our review will include real recommendations to improve your weaknesses, not just a restatement of facts. We're here to provide answers, not just more questions.

Focused On Change

The effort put into your security architecture review will lead to direct enhancements, risk mitigation, configuration edits, and policy changes that will provide real benefits to your organization. Our interests are solely to make your infrastructure as pragmatically hardened as possible. We want you to pass your next audit easily and have plenty of documentation to show your customers when asked for the proactive changes you've made.

A Sense of Compliance

Our company goes beyond just technically minded engineers and security consultants. With a team that also includes seasoned auditing and compliance professionals, we're able to get the answers your team needs regarding how our changes will impact your architecture not only in terms of actual security benefits but also in helping meet your compliance goals. So whether you're concerned about HIPAA, PCI, EI3PA, SOX, or COBIT, we're here for you.

Team Oriented

Our security architecture reviews are focused on working with your team, not against them. Whether they prefer phone conferences, on-site whiteboard sessions, or just an e-mail thread back-and-forth, we're up for the interaction. It's vital to us that our engineers help an organization's most important people understand the changes that we suggest and buy into our vision. We want to help facilitate real and lasting positive change.

Top to Bottom

While we're interested in fixing the 'low-hanging fruit', we're more interested about diving into your architecture and finding the not-so-obvious areas that require remediation or improvement. Every environment is different, so we're going to take the time to investigate what you have, how you operate, and where your current plans are taking you. It's important that you receive a customized solution and not just a cookie-cutter report.

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