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Full Scope Penetration Testing

Most Penetration Tests Fall Short - Ours Don't.

The world of security and it’s relationship with penetration testing is evolving quickly as security needs evolve. “Penetration tests” that are only slightly more helpful than a vulnerability scan are hurting more than they help.

NetWorks Group provides a real-world example of what will happen to your organization when a malicious party takes interest in your sensitive data and helps you remediate those risks quickly!.

Security research firms estimate security spending at over $75B worldwide in 2015 with the optics on security being more focused than ever. Penetration Testing is the linchpin in a security program as it provides important information that would otherwise be an unknown. While a solid Vulnerability & Risk Management program can help, a Penetration Test helps build your defenses against attacks that would be leveraged by actual malicious actors and are required by numerous compliance standards. Don’t just meet compliance, beat it, and your potential attackers as well.

The Next Evolution of Penetration Testing

Each and every organization deserves to be tested as if they’re individuals. The common industry linear approach is no longer valid in today’s security climate and requires more critical thinking behind it. It’s easy for providers that do bulk penetration tests to miss issues that would be caught by skilled penetration testers and the results are rarely helpful to improve the state of security. NetWorks Group’s modern Full Scope Penetration Testing methodology improves upon the old approach in three important aspects.

The Steps of Penetration Testing

Why is Full Scope the Answer?

While the popular scan-based linear Penetration Testing method is easy and quick to execute with built-in repeatability, it also lacks any real standards for execution. This makes it very difficult to determine real risk toward the infrastructure while in all actuality doing disservice to your organization.

The NetWorks Group Full-Scope Penetration Testing method provides accurate threat and risk insights of your infrastructure. The identified threats are tested for actual risk and the attacks mimic real adversaries against your organization. Full Scope testing is infinitely more helpful in securing your organization and we keep you in the loop throughout the entire process.

The Full Scope Method

A Realistic and Demonstrative Approach

The NetWorks Group Full Scope Cycle

Reporting Built For You

Prioritized Reporting - No Templating
Your penetration testing report should be more than just a report on compliance. NetWorks Group provides you custom reporting on how your infrastructure is exploitable and where your private information is accessible. You get a list of issues to remediate to not only stay in compliance, but, also improve your security standing within your infrastructure.

Demonstrative Testing Means Real Results

Realistic Testing is Better For You
When most organizations look for penetration testing providers, they usually hear that the organization will quickly scan and check a few hosts and provide the results. NetWorks Group goes beyond that, checking Internal, External, Wireless, and basic Physical security practices to ensure your organization is secure all while keeping you informed before, during, and after.

Hackers That Actually Hack

Real World Hackers
Your penetration tests won’t be handled by someone who’s new to the security industry. NetWorks Group leverages ethical hackers who have worked in the industry for years, extracting private information and discovering vulnerabilities while keeping your information safe. We protect your data on all fronts and help you protect yourself better in the future.

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