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Code Security Review


Clean or messy, all code needs a second look.

Languages each have their own nuances. Much like a firewall or server, proper configuration of settings and attention to the subtleties of the platform can lead to success or failure when it comes to security. Whether you're handling sensitive data or not, applications (especially of the web variety) can be the first foot-hold that an attacker takes when breaching a network from the outside leading to gaining further access inside. With an apt pair of eyes and a handful of useful tools, a code review can make all of the difference for an application's security.

PCI Compliance

Review of custom code prior to release to production or customers in order to identify any potential coding vulnerability.
For custom code changes, verify that all updates are tested for compliance with PCI DSS Requirement 6.5 before being deployed into production.

Achieve PCI compliance on all fronts

Build Security In — DHS

According to the Department of Homeland Security, it is estimated that "90 percent of reported security incidents result from exploits against defects in the design or code of software". Due to this, they've spearheaded an effort called 'Build Security In', focused on "ensuring the integrity of software is key to protecting the infrastructure from threats and vulnerabilities, and reducing overall risk to cyber attacks."

Department of Homeland Security's - Build Security In


The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) maintains a list of the top ten types of web application vulnerabilities leading to major security risks. Utilizing this information in relation to PCI DSS and best practices standards can give developers and security auditors a leg-up when spending their time assessing code for critically important coding issues.

OWASP Security Information

A fresh pair of eyes for your most important code.

Application development has always been a challenge to do "right". With the enormous prevalence of web applications during the past decade, the failures of application security have taken center-stage. Best practices, secure programming patterns, and knowing when and how to use technologies appropriately all lead to reducing vulnerabilities — on both web and otherwise — in a variety of applications.

One of the best ways to ensure code has been developed with security in mind is through the process of a code security review. The purpose of such a review isn't to decide whether or not the indentation of code blocks is consistent or that your development staff names functions with camel-case lettering. Code security reviews get to the heart of the matter: how well the code is written in terms of vulnerabilities found and risk mitigation built-in.

By having an outside review of your application you can be sure that a fresh pair of eyes will have a chance to audit how well the code has been built with regard to security. It's easy for a team of developers to glaze over the same code a dozen times without second-guessing the work. Through utilizing an experienced, security-minded developer that doesn't generally work with the same code, the odds are dramatically increased that the issue will be resolved before it has a chance to do harm.

Create and environment with a security focus

Having a code security review will help developers understand the focus that your organization places on information security best practices and safe coding standards.

Stay ahead of the curve

Security vulnerabilities aren't always due to poor programming. New exploitation techniques come out every year and may only work for certain languages or library versions.

Compliance and peace of mind

If your organization is focused on PCI DSS compliance, a code security review can satisfy a few of the requirements. More than compliance, your code will surely be in better shape for it!

Identify dangerous practices, solve throughout

By having an application reviewed, the resulting findings can help a team of developers fix not only one application, but also apply those same findings to previous/current projects.

Mitigate the worst case scenario

In cases that an organization does have a vulnerability, the lengths to which the development staff went to add security process to their code may help reduce the seriousness of the breach and potential data loss.

Our approach to Code Security reviews.

Even the best developers can miss vulnerabilities in code. With many projects amassing hundreds-of-thousands of lines of code, it's a tall order for a team to review their work with enough of a focus on security to really count. By working with NetWorks Group, your team will have a hand in finding vulnerabilities and remediate the problems in a timely manner. By utilizing our staff of security professionals — who are also developers themselves — your team will have guidance given by people who understand the work they do and the approaches they take. In application development, finding a vulnerability first or second is the difference between being secure and breached.

We're Programmers

More than just security professionals, we're also developers. We're able to speak with your team in terms they understand to help the process move along in an efficient manner with great results.

Remediation Guidance

"Done" to us means that your team is fixing problems, not just holding a report. We'll work with your developers to guide them on the steps to take in order to remediate vulnerable code.

Looking Where You're Not

Our team is looking for types vulnerabilities that your team may not even be aware exist. It's hard to stay on-top of the evolving landscape of information security, so let us help guide you.

Comprehensive Reports

The report your team will receive from us will include code line numbers, proof-of-concept exploits, screenshots, and any other detail we're able to provide, per vulnerability or issue type.

A Phone Call Away

When questions come up during your project's remediation phase or your team just needs another couple of questions answered after the engagement is finished, we're still here, waiting to help.

More Than Code

Security is multifaceted and often a code review can raise questions about other portions of your application's stack or infrastructure. We're ready to answer those questions, too.

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