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Goal-oriented security testing with real results.

Automated testing services provide you with a list of potential vulnerabilities that waste your time and money by not providing you with actionable results.

Now you can find out what a malicious attacker would really see when hunting for private data or secure information. Depending on your needs, our security professionals will provide you with accurate results and a clear path to remediation for any issues.

Get results that matter to your security, not a list of maybes.


Why Test Your Security With Us

According to a report by Cyvelliance, more than half of all malicious attacks delivered via the Internet go undetected by anti-virus software. This is costing organizations millions of dollars in business loss; with the most damaging attacks taking the form of viruses, unauthorized access, and theft of proprietary information.

Receive an accurate point-in-time picture of your vulnerabilities and the potential impact of your organization with clear guidance for remediation.


No False Positives or Murky Reports

Many of our clients have told us that security assessment reports that they have received from other security firms or tools they have run themselves contained false positives (a vulnerability is reported where none really exists). Inaccurate findings create more work for you and your team. False positives also undermine confidence in the overall report. NetWorks Group's methodology ensures that our findings reports never contain false positives.

We provide clear and concise deliverables detailing all findings and potential remediation make for a report useful on all levels of the organization.


The Infiltrators Are Your Insiders

With an average experience of over 10 years in the IT Security industry, the NetWorks Group team is prepared for the job. A multitude of certifications as well as a dedicated Ethical Hacking team out of the Washington DC area with Department of Defense Top Secret security clearances allow for any needs to be covered.

Providing you with the best information possible, our team is your team and we're here to make sure that your current security measures are where you want them to be.

Ethical Hacking Services

Experience the most effective way to test a security system on your behalf through uncovering vulnerabilities that could be exploited by a malicious party. Coupling exceptional security technologies with the experience of qualified consultants allows us to provide the most accurate results for all ethical hacking engagements.

Penetration Testing

With our groundbreaking Full Scope Penetration Testing service, we show you how your infrastructure would hold up to real-world malicious attacks and help you secure your infrastructure against them with prioritized reporting and more!

Vulnerability Management

Our Vulnerability Management service provides a high level overview of the current vulnerabilities on your infrastructure with historical context, smart issue prioritization, and how to remediate them quickly.

Web Application Assessment

Whether your organization is trying to become PCI compliant, wanting to better understand the risks of web applications, or preparing for an audit, a web application assessment can provide the results your team needs to move forward with confidence.

Social Engineering

Find out if your personnel can be impersonated, allowing unauthorized access to your IT systems. Our Social Engineering assessments will identify weaknesses in your organization’s security controls and provide advice on remediation. It is impossible to be truly secure until all avenues for attack are closed.

Security Architecture Review

Proper architecture is your main line of defense when ensuring security within your infrastructure. We will test your in-place security methods and give recommendations on a multitude of fronts, from data center control to VM virtual networking setups with security and recovery in mind.

Code Security Review

Developing applications is a complex and exhausting process when it comes to a final quality product. Adding an adequate level of security to it can be incredibly difficult and at times an afterthought to the process. Our security-conscious developers can review your about-to-launch application or existing codebase and make recommendations for a secure user experience.

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