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Our Approach

How it all works.

It can be difficult to have outsiders dictate security procedures for your organization. That's why we provide one of the most customer-forward security services offered, making sure the focus is on what's important to you.

Our goal is to always provide you with the services you need to secure your infrastructure. For each client we follow a structured cycle that allows total protection, compliance, and transparent security operations.


Automated Backups

Backing up systems and devices is paramount to having a recoverable and stable infrastructure. It's also of the utmost important to protect those backups to avoid any potential data leaks while the data is at rest.


Monthly Reporting

At the end of every month we produce a report detailing every action that occurred, from tickets to potential threats. Never worry that your device contracts will be end-of-life or expire again.


Tickets & Projects

Need devices modified? Require an altered VLAN for new personnel? Don't bog down your IT staff with functionality modifications, we'll document the required changes fully and make sure they are done correctly and efficiently.


Monitoring & Reports

24/7/365, we are always monitoring your network, systems, and devices. We are your third shift so your resources can be applied to organizational needs. Thanks to detailed monitoring and data correlation, reports of any type can be produced on a schedule or one-time.


Change Management

Now a requirement of PCI, change management is an important addition to all security plans. All changes done on your network, either requested or done to fix issues that arise, are documented fully and peer reviewed before the changes are applied. This avoids a single point-of-failure on all sides of the security environment and pitfalls that can occur with quick and hasty changes.

Repeating 24/7/365

Always on, every waking hour for over 15 years, we are always watching to make sure your infrastructure secure and available. Each step is actively utilized no matter the level of integration into your infrastructure, from a single firewall to your network as a whole.

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