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Mobile Device Management

Bringing efficiency and security to mobile.

It can be difficult to restrain the mobile infrastructure as the amount of mobile devices, from laptops to tablets to phones increase, as well as the continued expansion of BYOD needs within organizations. Letting employees bring their own devices not only instills a sense of trust and responsibility but it lowers costs for the organization.

Choose Your Own Device

The CEO wants to connect his iPad to the network while visiting a plant in overseas or on vacation and needs to do so securely. Traditional cell phones don’t cut it anymore and users want to link their personal iPad, Android, or Smartphone to the corporate network. Users are making decisions on technology with IT struggling to catch up to the demand.

Risk Vs Security

How do you ensure that BYOD is secure in your environment? There are a number of risks associated with BYOD — data loss, theft, man in the middle attacks, viruses, and many more. How do you identify and manage those risks in a changing environment?

Managing Centrally

How do you manage the balance between maintaining security while not impacting productivity? BYOD devices have a mixture of corporate and personal data, creating a dilemma. Employee turnover, lost devices, password management, employee privacy concerns and others are all considerations that have to be taken into account for BYOD to work effectively.

A growing impact on infrastructure.

In that last three years, mobile devices — smartphones and tablets — have exploded in popularity, reaching a wider swath of users. In 2012 the number of smartphones and mobile devices shipped was higher than PCs for the first time ever, and is expected to grow exponentially in 2013 without any sign of stopping.

Any mobile device management solution must support Apple iOS and Android, at a minimum, but we must also look to the future as Blackberry and Windows phones start to take a foothold in the mobile market share. No matter if the devices are company-owned or employee-owned, being able to support and secure all devices that interact with your organization is a necessary step to not only protect sensitive information but also stay compliant with HIPAA data security requirements.

With the adoption of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), IT is having to play catch up with how to secure the mobile devices on the network and cope with the problems mobile technology presents. Without a solution in place, knowing what devices are already connecting to your network and corporate resources like email can be difficult at best. In most cases, if the user knows their username and password, they can connect their own phone or tablet to corporate resources.

Information getting into the wrong hands

If a device is lost or stolen, you want to be able to lock the device and wipe any sensitive corporate data from the device so you aren't the latest in the news for a data breach.

BYOD and employee turnover

When an employee leaves an organization it's always a smart move to lock them out of organizational resources, but, what if the information is already on the device?

Handling the lot of it

iOS and Android have no central management for organizations inherently. To roll out to hundreds of devices consistently, and securely, can become a nightmare quickly unless you utilize central Mobile Device Management.

Security on the move

Encrypting your email and sensitive information is a must-have in this day and age. Add on top of that the requirements of HIPAA for keeping Protected Health Information (PHI) secure and a secure Mobile Device Management solution is an easy-to-see need.

Our approach to Mobile Device Management.

Start with a policy that works best for your needs, not a general solution to your Bring Your Own Device or Mobile Device Management problems. One of the biggest mistakes organizations can make is to pick a technology, start the roll out, and then try to answer questions about policy, increasing the scope, time, and cost of the project. Make sure your Mobile Device Management implementation works for you from the start by letting us help you create a policy and solution that the organization — management, HR, legal, IT, and end users — can live with and enforce consistently.

Develop The Right Policies

Our team of auditors as well as networking and security engineers will help you develop a policy that works for your organization, not a cookie cutter BYOD implementation that may cause issues down the line. The right technology and deployment for you, on premise or in the cloud, managed and monitored.

Provisioning & Deployment Difficulties

Rolling out to hundreds, or even thousands of devices can cause delays to say the least. We'll help you put together a deployment plan so provisioning goes smoothly, BYOD doesn't have to to be difficult to implement.

HIPAA Data Security

Mobile PHI is a potentially dangerous situation for companies that must be HIPAA and HITECH compliant. All PHI must be "rendered unusable, unreadable, or indecipherable to unauthorized individuals", this includes data at rest being stored on the mobile devices used within your organization. We can not only review your HIPAA compliance but also make sure you're secure on the side of Mobile Device Management.

Ongoing Management & Monitoring

Being able to respond quickly when a phone is lost or stolen ensures that the device is locked and that the company data can be wiped. Our Infrastructure Monitoring services give us the ability to monitor your solution, no matter the type, 24/7/365 and keep your mobile devices safe.

Keeping your devices safe.

Picking the technology that works best for your needs is always important to NetWorks Group. We have seen impressive results from certain solutions for your BYOD and MDM needs and can customize them to fit whatever your environment requires.


iPhone, iPad, Android and many more—whether they're company issued or personal devices, chances are they're being used for work. Secure all of these mobile devices and keep your sensitive business data on them safe.

Sophos Mobile Control


AirWatch’s Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution enables you to manage large-scale deployments of mobile devices. Our solution provides the ability to quickly enroll devices in your enterprise environment, configure and update device settings over-the-air, enforce security policies and compliance, secure mobile access to corporate resources, and remotely lock and wipe managed devices.

Air-Watch Mobile Device Management

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