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Log Management

Collection and correlation of your sensitive logs.

While 'Big Data' is the new buzz word in security, data as well as log collection and correlation has always been an important part of keeping your infrastructure secure and compliant. Analyzing large amounts of log files can present multiple challenges, particularly potential false positives due to the amount of data being reviewed. By having our skilled security analysts review the results we remove the chance of a false positive getting through, you only get what's important to your environment.

Meet PCI Compliance

Review logs for all system components at least daily. Log reviews must include those servers that perform security functions like intrusion detection system (IDS), authentication, authorization, and accounting protocol (AAA) servers (for example, RADIUS). Meeting PCI DSS 3.1 requirements is necessary to ensure your environment is fully compliant.

PCI DSS Quick Reference Guide (PDF)

HIPAA Requires Logs

§ 164.308(a) | § 164.312(b)
The requirements above reach from administrative safeguards to technical safeguards within HIPAA requirements. You must not only assess the availability and potential risks of PHI but must also "regularly review records of information system activity, such as audit logs, access reports, and security incident tracking reports."

HIPAA Administrative Safeguards (PDF) HIPAA Technical Safeguards (PDF)

Federal IT Recommendations

  • Monitoring network and host activity to identify policy violations and anomalous behavior
  • Monitoring host and network condition to identify unauthorized configuration and other conditions which increase the risk of intrusion or other security events
  • Analyzing the results of monitoring to accurately and quickly identify, classify, escalate, report, and guide responses to security events

FFIEC Monitoring Recommendations

Get the scoop on your logs.

One of the most common mistakes we see is buying log management software for the pretty interface without looking into how well it functions for your requirements as a whole. Removing the need for another server, or piece of software to aggregate your logs, our Log Management service handles all areas and you get a report of what matters, not a piece of software that throws everything at you.

Device support and how to handle the many types of devices and their logs can be an issue as technologies vary widely in use. We can handle anything you throw at us, firewalls, server security logs, IDS/IPS - threat management, file integrity monitoring, to name a few. If you have a device or service that produces logs, we can aggregate, monitor, and report on the findings of those logs.

A sea of information

A wealth of information, but who has the time or patience to sift through it all? Our security analysts collect and analyze data intelligently to find the small number of events that matter to you and report back quickly.

Finding the relationships in data

Correlation of log data is one of the most powerful tools we have to uncover problem areas in functionality. Successful logins are passed by as no issue, however, successful logins from a recently terminated employee are marked as potentially dangerous.

Threat visibility on your network

It can be difficult to identify misuse network resources when you're trying to sift through piles of data from multiple devices. We can help you find signs of misuse before it's too late and provide remediation help if necessary.

When 'Big Data' comes into sight

Security management insights as well as audit trails are all important when it comes to overall infrastructure security and compliance. Get the intelligence you need from the data you already have, with the big picture visibility you need.

Our approach to Log Management reporting.

We provide the experts, tools, processes, and procedures to react when something bad happens. The result is what's really important when it comes to Log Management, the reports that detail what actions must be taken.

Many products can produce reports, however, our service does what no product can do by itself for your log management needs. We help you to pick which reports provide you the visibility you need to set up a plan of defense. Our expert security analysts will investigate all reports, determine what happened, what actions should be taken, and provide you with the right information to make educated decisions and understand what’s happening on your network without being overwhelming. All data for reports is saved so any need for correlation of data or a full report can be produced quickly and efficiently.

Analyst's Report

Hear about what's important to you right now, not every byte that's passed through your network. Our security analysts review your raw data to build summarized and detailed reports then present you with a prioritized digest of significant events with recommendations if action is required. We give you the visibility you need without having to put in time you don't have or bring on extra personnel to dig through stacks of logs.

Incident Overview

Learn which potential threats touched your infrastructure as not all attacks are successful and not all alarms are attacks. However, bad things can happen and our experts help you determine what’s happening and what to do about it. Analyzing the events and communicating to you which attacks you need to worry about, we explain the facts, determine the severity, potential impact, and provide recommendations for action. In the end, if the issue cannot be handled internally, we can help you coordinate law enforcement support with next steps.

Compliance Briefing

Stay up to date, based on your PCI, HIPAA or EI3PA needs, what our log management service has done to keep you compliant. We provide a complete audit trail that shows the logs that have been reviewed, by whom, and at what time — 365 days a year. As our PCI-level service includes daily reviews, all you need to do is hand the report to your auditor.

Executive Summary

A high-level summary showing the trends, top attacks, top attack sources, top attack destinations, and more for the big picture view. We have dozens of pre-defined views you can select from and will recommend reports as well as the level of detail that make sense for you. Our reports are customized to target only the meaningful information your organization cares about. We provide the high-level visibility report you need and have time for so you can focus on what's important.

Utilizing your log data fully.

There are a multitude of log aggregation and correlation software offerings available, but, picking which is best for your environment and testing if they will work with your devices is not only time consuming it's also cost prohibitive. In addition to in-house log aggregation software we leverage third-party applications to make sure device support is as wide as possible, and nothing is missed.

NWG Technologies Clearview

Utilizing NetWorks Group's technology ClearView allows for us to aggregate, correlate, and report upon the changing landscape of your system's files and directories.

NWG Technologies Clearview

Check Point Technologies

Check Point Logging and Status Software Blade transforms data into security intelligence with SmartLog, an advanced log analyzer that delivers split-second search results providing real-time visibility into billions of log records over multiple time periods and domains.

Check Point Logging and Status

HP Arcsight

With HP ArcSight Logger you can improve everything from compliance and risk management to security intelligence to IT operations to efforts that prevent insider and advanced persistent threats. This universal log management solution collects machine data from any log-generating source and unifies the data for searching, indexing, reporting, analysis, and retention.

HP ArcSight Logger

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