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Key Infrastructure

Build a solid foundation from the start.

Your Key Infrastructure encompasses all devices, software, and systems utilized to keep your company running securely. We know it is of the utmost importance that these areas stay up 24/7/365 all while being monitored, backed up, and managed by our experts. Use your company resources to focus on what's important and let us make sure your Key Infrastructure is always secure.

Over fifteen years working with a diverse set of clients, we have seen pretty much everything that can go wrong with a network and understand that to have successful key infrastructure in place, it must be built correctly from the start. Your business, technical, as well as operational requirements for uptime, performance, security, and resiliency guide the goals and expectations. Whether it’s a brand new environment or and existing infrastructure that needs rehabilitation, we have the expertise and experience to help you build the environment your business demands.

Saving Your Time

We are always watching and when an alert goes off at 2am, our experts will be on it to determine root cause quickly. If it’s an equipment problem we’ll take responsibility for getting you back up and running quickly. If it’s a circuit problem, we contact your service provider on your behalf to report the problem and get your problem escalated if not solved immediately.

On Call Expertise

Unless you are maintaining a large infrastructure, you probably only require high-end networking expertise when you initially design the network and when something goes wrong. We can provide that expertise, without the need to keep a networking guru on staff full time, any time you need the help.

You Choose The Hardware

Managed service providers should support your business strategies, not the other way around. Staying nimble so your infrastructure will have the flexibility to grow without limits when additions are needed. We have experts that are trained in any technology that you need, don’t be trapped by IT vendors.

Built and managed to keep you up and going


Firewalls are the last line of defense for your network in most cases. We make sure your firewalls are up to date, managed correctly, and actively monitored.

Networking - Wired & Wireless

Need to set up new networking infrastructure or rework your current setup? Wired or wireless we can change the way you look at networking troubles.

Web Security Gateways

Dangerous sites on the web have the potential to increase your attack surface area exponentially and keeping filtering up to date with the newest threats takes time and resources.

Antivirus & Anti-Malware

A single virus or exploit from malware can cause untoward issues on a single computer expanding out to the network as a whole, with glaring potential for failures and data leaks.

Email Security Gateways

Phishing and virus attachments have been long-running issues that must be mitigated to allow for safe computing. Utilizing a security gateway with your email server can provide another layer of protection against those dangerous messages.


A must in the connected world of business, but, potentially exposes your network to the world. Are you sure that all of the credentials logging into your SSL VPN are safe if you are not currently using two-factor authentication?


Do you need servers moved from physical to virtual? Not enough time to set up the new Exchange server? Physical or virtualized, we can manage your Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, and Solaris servers so your team can focus on your business needs.

Change Management

Changes to key infrastructure can have long-lasting repercussions if done erroneously or without best practices in mind. Our security-conscious engineers peer review every change that occurs to every piece of your structure to mitigate change issues.


Firewalls are the one ubiquitous technology used for enterprise network security. Whether deployed to manage access at the perimeter of network, govern traffic between internal network segments such as a corporate data center and cardholder data environment, or provide security for the branch office, firewalls are the cornerstone of your organization’s network defenses.

Firewalls can perform a variety of functions in the network. While basic functions include network segmentation and access control, routing (dynamic or static) and network address translation, these devices can be used for much more. IPSec VPNs are also commonly used, whether for inter-branch connectivity — often more cost-effective that dedicated WANs — or for inter-company business partner communications. NetWorks Group has been working with best of breed technology providers of firewall technologies for the last fifteen-plus years. Over that time, we have deployed and managed thousands of firewalls.

Manage Your Policy

Even well-thought-out policies — rule bases — tend to sprawl and become unwieldy over time. Periodic reviews are performed by experienced engineers to make sure old and unnecessary rules are deleted and the firewall rules remain consistent with security policy. Rules should conform to the least privilege principle, ensuring that rules are not overly permissive or unnecessarily expose the organization to risk.

Meet Compliance

PCI Requirement 1 Install and maintain a firewall configuration to protect cardholder data. Without a configured firewall, including ongoing review and monitoring, the chance for a potential breach of private data increases.

HIPAA Administrative and Technical Safeguards (§164.308)(§164.312) Having safeguards in place is a necessary step in protecting your network and infrastructure. Making sure they're placed correctly and up to date an important part of maintaining that requirement.

Available and Resilient

We start with enterprise-grade appliances built for performance and uptime. Based on the customer’s availability requirements we put together the right combination hardware, support contracts, and add our battle-tested process and procedures to ensure the level of availability required by the business. We always have a current backup so the nightmare scenario of having to rebuild your firewall rules from memory when the RMA unit finally arrives never happens to you.

Supported Firewall Types
 Juniper Networks
 Cisco Systems, Inc
 Palo Alto Networks
 Check Point Software Technology


To end users, networks are similar to plumbing: when there's an issue everything stops until it's fixed. Performance and availability requirements vary between organizations, but it’s clear when benchmarks aren't being met, opening up for possible failures. Having the required personnel on staff to make sure your network meets the required fully functional security standards is a large time and money sink for most organizations.

NetWorks Group does the heavy lifting and all the back-end tasks required to keep your network running reliably and securely. Our skilled engineers and security analysts monitor your networks 24/7/365 while making sure all devices are backed up as well as updating and optimizing the network.


Routing is a core function of internetworking within your organization. Whether routing is performed on — simple or complex, static or dynamic — dedicated routers, layer-3 switches, or other gateway devices like firewalls, NetWorks Group can plan, design, implement, and operate your routing environment. We use the best available enterprise and service provider class equipment to help you choose the perfect match for your requirements.


Switching provides the fabric for all wired connectivity, if one thread fails everything can fall apart. Performance and availability are important to your environment, making it paramount to utilize the right, properly managed, switching infrastructure foundation. We can help you either build your foundation from scratch or reconfigure current switching setups for a reliable and secure environment. We have a range of solutions that allow you to select the right level of performance, availability, and support to meet your organization’s requirements without over-paying.


Wireless networks can allow employees to securely access their work apps from any device with voice-grade reliability. Modern wireless networks support traditional endpoints like laptops, mobile devices, BYOD, and use contextual data — user identity, device type, applications, and location — to enforce security policies and guarantee the proper quality of service. Many organizations need to provide wireless network access to guests, employees, contractors, and their mobile devices but must manage the added attack surface on the infrastructure.

Supported Device Types
 Juniper Networks
 Cisco Systems, Inc
 Aruba Networks

Web Security Gateways

Whether your goal is to protect users and resources against web threats, control Internet usage, or monitor the use of your bandwidth and resources, web security gateways can help. Do some departments need access outside of the network where others should not? NetWorks Group can give you the tools, resources, and security insight needed to enable flexible policy administration that gives workers the access they need.

Many applications that are not http can also utilize port 80, such as Skype, Instant Messaging, peer-to-peer, and a number of malware threats like bot command and control traffic, can easily slip through the hole you poked in your firewall intended to allow web surfing. Find out what it's coming in and going out of your network and block the potential threats before an issue occurs.

Sit Back and Relax

Our experienced security analysts investigate your traffic reports and help you decide where your network needs the most protection. A report will be put together so you're never out of the loop when it comes to what's going on in your network.

Stop Damaging Files Early

While Antivirus and Anti-malware are a necessity, Web Security Gateways allow you to further stop damaging material from accessing your network at all. Keep your infrastructure safe from malicious outsiders and mistakes from insiders.

No Policy Confusion

Setting filters, policies, and ongoing configuration can be a huge time-sink when utilizing Web Security Gateways. We'll help you with initial setup on what should be allowed through your infrastructure as well as make sure your devices stay up to date and configured correctly.

 Trend Micro

Antivirus & Anti-Malware

Like firewalls, antivirus technology is one of the cornerstones of most organizations’ IT security infrastructure. Introduced to the market in the 1980s, the technology is very mature and must be utilized for safe end-user interaction no matter the platform. Most of the commercial Antivirus tools are relatively easy to install on a case-by-case basis but when it comes to full enterprise deployment and central management, overall protection becomes much more complex. Security at all points must be maintained — malware can and will attack where you are vulnerable whether via Endpoints, email, or web access.

Outbreaks are caused by missing or out-of-date agents that would generally protect against just-patched zero-day incidents. NetWorks Group has developed a repeatable process that ensures that all of your endpoints are covered and up-to-date. We diligently watch for and identify out-of-compliance endpoints so that issues can be remediated before they become the launch-point of a potentially crippling attack on your network and IT resources. We can help you design and deploy a layered protection strategy that keeps you protected against today’s malware threats.

Meet Compliance

PCI Requirement 5 Use and regularly update anti-virus software or programs. If you are not utilizing sufficient antivirus and anti-malware you not only chancing a malicious threat but you are also not in compliance with PCI requirements.

HIPAA §164.308(a)(5)(ii)(B) Protection from malicious software. Procedures for guarding against, detecting, and reporting malicious software must be in place for HIPAA compliance. Antivirus and anti-malware also support Technical Safeguards (§164.312) compliance when protections are in place.

Endpoint Protection

Protection for your physical or virtualized hardware platforms, Windows, Mac, and Linux. As well as your mobile devices — smartphones and tablets — Android, iOS, and Windows. Endpoints, applications, and users are the weakest link for potential virus', worms, bots, APTs, spyware, key loggers, and phishing attacks that must be met with a plan of attack. Centrally managed and fully updated endpoint protection that can ensure universal deployment as well as full disk encryption and other security needs, are all important security needs.

Server, Gateway, & Virtualization Protection

If a server gets infected or compromised, no matter the platform type or version, your attack surface increases exponentially. While virtualization introduces new security risks that differ from physical servers and desktops, both must be monitored and protected. Traditional physical security tactics used in a virtualization environment can leave security gaps and unnecessarily impact performance and therefore reduce your VM consolidation ratios.

Supported Implementations
 Trend Micro
 Kaspersky Lab US

Email Security Gateways

Inbound protection is basic – everyone needs protection from spam, malware and phishing attacks. However, email security isn't a one-way street as many leading organizations now recognize the need to protect sensitive data, proprietary files, and intellectual property from leaking out. You are able to automatically encrypt email based on policy, compliance and regulatory requirements when deemed appropriate for your specific needs.

Meets Compliance

PCI Requirement 5 Use and regularly update anti-virus software or programs, due to similar to Antivirus needs, email security gateways also provide protection against many attacks and keeps your organization and it's sensitive data safe on multiple fronts as well as PCI compliant.

HIPAA §164.308(a)(5)(ii)(B) Protection from malicious software. Maintaining HIPAA compliance for protecting against malicious software but also having technical safeguard implemented (§164.312) is necessary.

Policy Enforcement

Policy without enforcement just leaves you with a list of hollow rules that can lead to breaches or failures. You need to be able to detect and block the exfiltration, accidental or otherwise, of sensitive and protected information such as PHI.

Keeping Up With Laws

U.S. state-specific encryption laws such as California’s SB 1386 and Massachusetts’ 201 CMR 17.00 — due to interstate commerce businesses may be subject to these laws even if they are not based in either state.

Supported Email Gateways
 Trend Micro


SSL VPN technology enables anytime, anywhere secure access for employee remote access, emergency user access, and partner extranet portals from any device — from PC, Mac, or mobile devices. Increasing productivity, mobility, and security in many cases while reducing costs. SSL VPN combines the security of SSL with standards-based access controls, granular policy creation, and unparalleled flexibility.

Remote and Secure

Secure Remote Access provides access to resources based on who the user is and where they are coming from, and the state of device from which they are connecting. You can now give your users the power to access anything they need to do their job, from anywhere, at any time, securely and reliably.

Two-Factor, Hosted, & More

We offer integrated 2-factor authentication with Duo Security, advanced reporting, secure off-site backups. Hosted SSL VPN service is also available for a fully managed offering as well as on premise managed appliances.

Early Adopters

NetWorks Group has been working with the SSL VPN technology since it was first introduced in 2003 with experience in developing for extra needs and requirements of SSL VPN use. Work with the service provider who not only can provide you the best service but knows the technology inside and out.

Supported VPNs
 Juniper Networks
 Cisco Systems, Inc
 Palo Alto Networks


Building and maintaining a stable infrastructure for your critical server infrastructure shouldn't detract from your utilization of those devices. NetWorks Group's certified Windows and Linux engineers will make sure your servers are configured for security and stability.

No matter if you're building a new environment or moving physical servers to virtual, we can handle your VM server instances just as well as your physical locations. For added integrity and compliance on your servers, File Integrity Monitoring is available so you can be alerted immediately when a file is changed, added, or deleted, in sensitive areas.

Supported Servers
 Microsoft Windows

Change Management

Changing your equipment configurations safely should be easy, now you can just request changes via the NetWorks Group Client Portal, email, or phone. We are not robots who blindly follow instructions, if the change request is dangerous or puts the organization at risk we'll alert you immediately. All change requests are vetted by experienced engineers to make sure they adhere to best practices and your organization’s security policy. If the requested change poses risk, we'll provide you with a detailed report about the risk associates with the change. If a change request is potentially disruptive to the network, we’ll work around your maintenance windows to reduce the impact on your infrastructure.

Change requests will only be accepted from personnel with authority to make changes. We take the time when you first sign up for our service to talk about the approval process and how it works for your organization. If someone calls in a request who is not your approved requester list, even from your location, the change will be refused until an approved requester is contacted for your device protection.

For all devices under Change Management that NetWorks Group manages we enable our automatic daily Backup Service, and a differential report is generated every day to ensure integrity. Our Engineers reviewing this report will see how configuration files have changed daily and can easily note a change that wasn't expected. Differential reports for configuration can also be done from any two archival backups for immediate correlation of data.

Compliance Needs

PCI Compliance 1.1.1 — A formal process for approving and testing all network connections and changes to the firewall and router configurations.
1.1.5 — Documentation and business justification for use of all services, protocols, and ports allowed, including documentation of security features implemented for those protocols considered to be insecure.
6.4 — Follow change control processes and procedures for all changes to system components.

HIPAA Compliance Audit Controls (§ 164.312(b)) — Implement hardware, software, and/or procedural mechanisms that record and examine activity in information systems that contain or use electronic protected health information.

Peer2 Review

Each change placed into the system is required to be reviewed by the initial engineer and then signed-off on by another engineer before it can be completed. Most network disruptions are caused by poorly planned and executed changes that were not vetted previous to adding the change. An extra pair of eyes helps ensure that all the risks are identified and nothing is left out of the plan. Our process is designed to keep you safe, secure, and stable.

Your Audit Trail

A history of change events allows insight into how your network has evolved over days, months, and even years. Without a proper change management system, device configurations can fall apart under the weight of years of changes without previous documentation. Attribution to why or who made changes ensures accountability for issues that arise from a given change. Association of the responsible customer representative who requested a change helps continuity between technical teams.

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