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Infrastructure Monitoring


We're watching so that you don't have to.

The knowledge of when your resources are up or down shouldn't have to come from one of your clients two hours after the incident starts. Proper infrastructure monitoring can drastically reduce unexpected downtime by having the technology and people waiting for the worst to happen so that you can do your best to fix it. Resiliency is more than just a plan, it's the expectation that failures will occur and the ability to solve the issue quickly.

Success begins with insight on failures.

Whether your organization relies on a complex network infrastructure, a few key database servers, or a handful of cloud instances, downtime is rarely acceptable. Without proper infrastructure monitoring, inaccurate attribution for outages and downtime can delay intelligent response to fix issues quickly.

Covering your infrastructure with adequate monitoring will allow for your team to catch that next filling disk volume, restart your rickety web server, or notice latency issues before your customers do. The larger the infrastructure, the more involved it is to quickly identify, troubleshoot, and resolve issues. With a solution to watch your systems for you, providing broad coverage for network devices and servers alike, a restful night's sleep may be only days away for your team.

It's not OK to not know

Downtime is the metric of choice to determine how well operations teams are handling their responsibility. Add a few "9s" to that number by knowing more quickly when issues begin.

Awareness is real peace of mind

Assuming things are running well and knowing they are running well can be a large difference. With a new patch, code deploy, or reboot, errors can pop-up and go undetected for entirely too long before the problem is out of control.

Have data to back up your needs

Often times making the case that "A server goes down often" or "The switch is unreliable" is hard to prove without some data. By having infrastructure monitoring, you will now have the information to make intelligent decisions and inform others.

More than just PING

Infrastructure has many more facets than a simple PING response. Service monitoring, system metrics, SNMP data from network appliances, and more, can give a real sense of how your devices are doing and what needs to be taken care of before it's too late.

Our approach to Infrastructure Monitoring.

We've got stuff to monitor, too. More importantly, we realize that if we're down, our customers will suffer. Let us help your team get ahead of their next outage by allowing us to watch out for your resources so that you don't have to. We're on call 24x7, every day of the year. With a knowledgeable team dedicated to customer monitoring, we're ready for that page at 2AM on a Saturday night and can triage the issue so that you can sleep while we contact your ISP and figure out what's happening.

One is rarely enough

Our team works in a three-deep shift for customer infrastructure monitoring. That means that if we receive an alert that you're down, up to three separate people will be contacted within minutes to get traction on contacting you or triage the issue to the best of our abilities.

Sure, we'll monitor that

We're ready for whatever you need to monitor. Whether it's a simple web site query, router PING, or Windows/Linux service check, we're prepared to deploy monitoring immediately and keep an eye out for problems. The level of monitoring and alerting is up to you; no one-size-fits-all solutions to squeeze into.

Platforms we use, too

Remember, we're not just monitoring your infrastructure, we're also monitoring our own. There's no "second-class" service here, we give customer's hardware the same respect we give ours. After all, how can we really believe in our approach if we aren't willing to use it ourselves?

Technology we trust

Using the time-tested monitoring suite Nagios in seamless conjunction with our log aggregation and reporting product, ClearView, we're ready for the challenge of handling your most important systems and devices. By managing our deployment in-house, we can provide customization beyond most other offerings out there.

Custom alerting, as you want it

We've got a variety of options on handling alerts that come through our system. If you want a call, email, and text message on the weekend, we're glad to do that. If you want to sleep in and only be awoken for issues that you can handle yourself, we can do that too. Every customer is different and we work with what's best for you.

Reporting and more

Beyond just waiting for an alert to go off, our team can prepare reports and graphs related to your service outages and uptime. If you need to know how many alerts went off for a certain switch or just a report to review with your team, we've got you covered with the data to do it.

Monitoring isn't easy, so we made it work better.

With any piece of software, limitations often creep-up. The development team at NetWorks Group has formed a powerful monitoring platform for both in-house and customer-facing usage from two top-performing technologies. The flexibility added by our team allows us to serve customers with a more robust solution than any off-the-shelf product we've tested for our managed services customers.


Nagios has been keeping watch over networks and servers for nearly fifteen years. With a user base rivaling nearly any other product on the market and flexibility rarely seen in other software, the Nagios team has carefully developed a top performing monitoring product. With our integration into ClearView, we've been able to combine the speed and functionality of Nagios with the reporting and management utility of ClearView to offer a great customer experience.

Nagios Monitoring

NWG Technologies Clearview

With it's comprehensive reporting and log aggregation functions, ClearView was a perfect integration choice for the lacking areas of Nagios. With additional development work, we've been able to tightly integrate the best features of both products to ensure that we had the needs of our customers satisfied. With a dedication to speed, efficiency, and compatibility, our ClearView integration allows us to give great service and awesome results for our infrastructure monitoring service.

NWG Technologies Clearview

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