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Configuration Backups


Be prepared for the unexpected.

With so many products on the market to achieve Operating System backups, it's easy to forget about the crucially important configurations for your core applications and network devices. Having on-hand or just-in-time hardware is a great way to be resilient against failures, but that preparedness means little if you don't have your configuration file to load onto the new unit. Don't let one failure turn into two; backup your configuration data today.


The goals of regulatory compliance range from proper configuration to data encryption. Achieving the requirements of compliance can be a long road but a quick way to fall out of compliance is losing your carefully built configurations accidentally or otherwise. By utilizing off-site, encrypted backups, you can be assured of a functional configuration when you need it. Don't worry about trying to recover years of firewall policy and secure password configurations, have the backup ready when speed and security counts.

Keep your devices continuously compliant no matter need

Business Continuity

If you find yourself in a position where an entire data center goes off-line due to a natural disaster, fire, or just a prolonged outage, having off-site configurations can make all of the difference. While many people are focused on their most important data (whether it be patient, customer, or otherwise), it's common to see administration teams miss the configuration files tying all of that infrastructure together. Don't find yourself on the wrong end of a disaster, be prepared with off-site, encrypted configuration backups.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery planning keeps you safe

Operational Integrity

Trying to know whether or not a running configuration is the same as it was two months ago is hard for most teams to manage. By utilizing a secure backup solution, off-site data is kept in its unaltered format, ready to be utilized or compared to at a moment's notice. Whether you're handling auditing requirements or just getting the job done, secure backups are the way to get from A to B. Guessing at integrity is not a viable plan; just ask your auditors!

Security policies and procedures provide a plan for compliance success

Configuration backups are the first step to recovery.

The first step to approaching infrastructure resiliency is to ensure that you have secure off-site backups ready at a moment's notice. Having a working configuration file is the difference between a functional network device and an expensive paperweight. When time and security count, don't second-guess the importance of having a configuration ready to go.

NetWorks Group's Configuration Backup service provides daily and ad-hoc configuration backups of your enterprises' most crucial services and appliances. Whether you need to ensure that you have a ready-to-go backup of your Cisco Switch, Juniper Firewall, or Trend WorryFree deployment, we're able to cover them all.

With the in-house expertise of NetWorks Group development staff, we likely have (or can enable) support for your most needed devices and software into our comprehensive backup system. By focusing on ease of deployment, information security, and strong policy surrounding your data, you can be assured that we're taking the steps to protect your configurations at all times.

Never wonder if...

With configuration backups coming to our secure server daily, we're watching for any failures to ensure that we have a recent backup at all times. Need an extra backup taken? We can do that for you too.

Have something to show

Auditors and customers alike often require knowledge of your backup practices and procedures. Be ready to tell them that you're compliant with off-site, encrypted backups of critical devices and appliance configurations.

Deploy a new device in minutes

Having to re-create configuration files can take hours to get right. Further, having to deploy a device at 3AM after a failure can lead to misconfiguration, poor security policies, and leaving out important directives.

See the difference

With supported configuration types, we can give you perspective on how your configurations have changed over time. If you wonder when that last firewall rule change occurred or why telnet is enabled, let us give you a differential of your configuration and stop wondering.

Our approach to Configuration Backups.

NetWorks Group is interested in providing your team with a hassle-free method of backing up your most important — and often forgotten about — configurations. We'll work with you to ensure that in a pinch you've got a backup ready for all of your critical services and devices. With our Configuration Backup service you'll no longer have to guess when your last backup was taken or where and how it's being stored.

Automated and Fast

Each of your configured devices will be backed up daily without wasting any of your time. Once deployed, we'll handle the rest of the work. Just sit back and let our service handle the tedious part of backups.

We'll Support You

With an ever increasing list of supported device types, platforms, and software packages, NetWorks Group will work with your team to add support if we haven't yet implemented functionality to do so.

Integrity and Security

Our security mechanisms ensure that all data in transit and at rest related to your configurations are handled safely. We only use industry standard cryptography and have segmented customers' data appropriately.

Differentials on Demand

Our system allows for comparing two configurations files and looking for differences on many common platforms. If you're wondering what changed when and where, we're happy to help find out the answer!

Complexity Welcome

NetWorks Group knows how to help your team securely and safely provide us with the access we will need to handle backups. Whether you have a firewall, IPS, proxy, or NAT, we can work with you to get things setup.

Another Pair of Eyes

If your team ever does need a helping hand, we know where to find the configuration to review. Our security analysts and network engineers can be there to assist your organization, ready with the details needed.

We know you care about your data; we do too.

It's not simply enough to say, "we secure your data". Often these configuration files are crucial to the security of your organization and we want you to know that we understand and respect your concern shipping that data to another company. Consider the following information as a glimpse into our focus on security and of course, contact us directly if you want to know more.

Standards based cryptography

Inventing your own cryptography to handle data security is about as intelligent as building a boat out of tissue paper. Our Configuration Backup service utilizes only industry recognized cryptography standards such as AES and RSA with large key sizes.

We treat your data with respect

Only specific NetWorks Group employees hold privilege to access your backup data (on request). Further, all access to your data requires our staff to utilize two-factor authentication at all times.

Just enough complexity

Each backup has been encrypted with a unique, randomly generated symmetric key, that has then been encrypted with a customer's account public key. This ensures that only a single customer's private key is able to decrypt the backup encryption key, which is subsequently used to decrypt the configuration backup.

Multiple points of redundancy

Our backup system has been designed for resiliency. Backups are primarily stored on-premise in our secure data center facility. We then add redundancy to all encrypted keys and encrypted backups by transmitting that data to an off-site cloud vendor that stores the data in triplicate.

Encryption at every stop

All data that is uploaded or downloaded to our secure backup server is transmitted using SSL. Data at rest encryption is great, but we have no intention of letting anyone steal your sensitive data over the wire, either.

Least privilege and segmentation matter

At no time are customers allowed to "login" to directly access backup data. Customers who require the ability to "push" data to our backup server will only have enough access to do so and never receive credentials or privilege beyond a simple secure copy operation on our server.

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