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Policy & Procedure


Build policies for ongoing success.

IT operations and security structure within an organization must be consistent to see measurable results from the work being done. No more wasted time deciding on what should be the direction for a new device or situation, building policies and procedures allows you to have a set plan for all things related to IT.

Leveraging years of experience with a wide-range of industries, our policy recommendations aren't unproven guesses at how to plan IT infrastructure, but working and highly recommended procedures that will work for your company.

Protection and Compliance

While policies are a necessity when keeping your infrastructure and personnel secure, they are also a requirement for compliance in some cases. PCI — 12. Maintain a policy that addresses information security. — and HIPAA — 142.308(12) — both require documented policy guidelines that address how the organization is handling information security needs.

Risk Mitigation

At the organizational level there must be agreement on the direction and level of security implemented, the decision should not be left up to individual employees or groups. Using a top down approach to your security guidelines allows for a level of risk mitigation that, when paired with physical security infrastructure, provides a safe and secure environment.

Built For You

While guidelines can be similar — such as password strength — having a set of your own policies that you trust and understand is paramount. Using best practice recommendations to craft the best possible procedures for all circumstances surrounding your security needs.

Follow a guideline instead of a guess.

No matter the security needs of your organization, having well-structured and consistently followed policy and procedures allows for continuous security from the top down. Without procedures in place there will always be a chance of security failures at multiple levels of the company due to varying, or missing, usage throughout the infrastructure.

Find out if current guidelines are aligned with best practices that match successful security implementations in your industry. Whether no policies are being utilized or just need to be updated, our experienced auditor will help you build your procedures and maintain compliance.

Our approach to Policy and Procedure development

We believe that your needs should be reflected in the creation and management of your internal policies while keeping in line with compliance requirements for your organization. Our auditor will work with you to find that middle ground where compliance and security aligned with business meet to develop an easy-to-follow set of rules that keep you secure.

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