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COBIT Framework

A framework to make the most of your effort.

Building an architecture, maintaining policies, and executing on procedures is a tough task for any team. Without a firm structure to build on, confusion in approach can impact both internal progress and also add extra effort for an auditor. Utilizing an IT governance framework like COBIT can provide for a clearer direction when it comes to making decisions that will affect your operational structure. Finding IT maturity is hard enough, let COBIT make the direction a little more clear.

Structured Maturity

  • Level 0: Non-existent
  • Level 1: Initial/ad hoc
  • Level 2: Repeatable but Intuitive
  • Level 3: Defined Process
  • Level 4: Managed and Measurable
  • Level 5: Optimized

How mature is your IT?

Covering Ground

Utilizing COBIT allows for helping management and business stakeholders align themselves with a functional governance model that provides for a solution to the gaps between the business issues that arise and technical scenarios.

Granular Process

With 37 processes and 5 principles building COBIT 5, the model allows for well built, thoroughly devised structure to even the most complex environments. Through a holistic approach, COBIT allows for tackling tough issues efficiently.

The model you're missing.

COBIT is an internationally respected governance framework that can provide the sanity and process that your team is missing. Through a focus on regulatory compliance, your organization can rest easier the next time your auditor comes by. With over 15 years of history and many revisions, COBIT is a well matured model. It is utilized to solve the tough challenges that organizations of many sizes face. By utilizing COBIT over other frameworks, there's less effort to make it work with its existing focus on IT practices and standards. By satisfying both business and IT needs, COBIT can be the one solution to many of your problems.

Our approach to COBIT Frameworks.

With a considerate approach to matching functional shortcomings with required business objectives, we work to neatly align the process areas provided by COBIT to give your organization a way to add sanity back into the mix. With seasoned compliance and technical resources, our team can provide yours with the answers and direction to achieve success with COBIT. By keenly focusing our attention to making COBIT a part of your environment that breeds success, your staff will gain the efficiencies it has wanted or never knew that it was missing.

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