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Security Folks on Twitter Who Deserve Attention

January 15, 2013

This is a first round of trying to provide community awareness of digital and social media that deserves a look (or listen). Today's post is a somewhat verbose listing of folks on Twitter I've found valuable over the years in the field of information security. Later blog posts will likely provide blog & news sites; podcasts; and other forms of media that give added value to your knowledge of the latest in information security. While this is just a short list, I hope some of them provide a guide to get to other talented people out there who may provide a bit more insight than you had before.

@myrcurial (James Arlen) - Having seen him present at quite a few conferences now, I can say that his unbashful method of getting to the heart of security as a profession versus a bunch of people walking around throwing acronyms in management's faces is refreshing. His Twitter feed is often vulgar in delivery but humbling and insightful with regard to technology, especially SCADA. Following James will generally help you find out new sources of amusement and knowledge from his varied network of friends on Twitter. You can also checkout his web site at

@dakami (Dan Kaminsky) - Dan seems to be continually known for a new 'thing' every few months due to his rigorous passion of information technology. Sometimes his posts confuse me in what he's trying to get across but after enough of them, I generally feel like I just went on a mental roller coaster and am better for it. His in-person presentation style of high-energy and enthusiastic passion are well portrayed through most of his tweets. If you keep an eye on Dan's feed, you'll like be aware of the next few weeks of Internet press releases on interesting new technology or the next phase for the fight over DNSSEC implementation. Dan's personal site is

@beaker (Christofer Hoff) - I'd be remiss not to mention Chris as he is one of the few people that kept me on Twitter in that his presence made it seem worth being a part of. Now over at Juniper, Chris is a pretty big deal when it comes to cloud and virtualization security. You may have to get past posts about squirrels or discussion over bad things that happened during jiujitsu that day, but once you do, you'll generally find some pretty intense thoughts on the direction of a few industries not just related to security but also configuration management, general information technology, business, and others. Another guy who's a great speaker, friendly, and has a fantastic network to catch more folks you'd likely gain insight from. Chris' blog is over at

@mikko (Mikko Hypponen) - Mikko has been doing virus and malware research longer than a lot of us have been on the Internet or possibly even had a computer. I had a good deal of fortune to attend his talk at DEF CON this year about the history of such computer nuisances. Mikko clearly has a great deal of passion for his career and often is a great source of re-tweeting of relevant content. He also will throw a gem out there every so often of his own doing. Mikko's web site is

@securitytwits - This is sort of an odd one because it's really an aggregation of security folks on Twitter. You'll be able to catch a lot of re-tweeting of security posts, information security jobs, and other related content in a catch-all format. To get more information about what the 'security twits' are and how to participate, check out

@jeremiahg (Jeremiah Grossman) - Jeremiah is a person who went under my radar for a while but now that I am aware, I'm very much a fan of the content he posts. I've found his tweets to be much more consistent for value than some of the aforementioned people in terms of keeping what he's talking about fairly on-topic to technology. More than just posting quality links, he gives a great amount of commentary on statistics he's found or papers he is involved in reading through. Especially if you are into the web application security world, take a look! Jeremiah's blog is at

@arbornetworks (Arbor Networks) -  Arbor Networks as you probably guessed is indeed not a single person. The company however is one of the foremost when it comes to monitoring activities on the Internet for threats and helping to give insight to those nasty botnets hitting your company. Beyond original research and content, they are fantastic for being a resource on other important things happening and quick at providing a re-tweet for on-topic security news. For further details, check out their SERT site at

@briankrebs (Brian Krebs) -  In a somewhat messy landscape of underinformed information security journalists, I've found Brian to be a huge beacon of hope. His journalism is generally well in-tune with actual information security and his stories are some of the most well written and interesting I've ever read. While he may show-up on a future blog post about news and blogs to read, his Twitter feed is in its own right well worth keeping an eye on. For those that can't wait, his web site is

That's the list for today! I've slighted a great deal of fantastic people on Twitter but I have a feeling that if you take a look at these folks, you'll likely find many more of the same people I follow on a daily basis. 

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