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Configuration Backups for Enterprise Business Continuity

April 29th, 2013

Does your organization have backups? How about backups that are outside the confines of your primary data center? According to research (The Acronis Global Disaster Recovery Index: 2012) looking at data from 6,000 IT respondents, "Almost a quarter (23%) of all businesses still don’t have an offsite backup strategy in place today." The need for an off-site backup can be much more than just an added protection for availability, but also a point of integrity for changes occurring within your enterprise. Consider what would happen if an attacker was able to breach your network and then altered a crucial configuration file. Without an off-site backup, they could potentially edit the existing backups to hide their malicious change and you'd never be the wiser. Much in the same way that log backups sent off-site have added integrity, configuration backups also benefit from this technique.

It's also stated in the report by Acronis that "human error is still the most common cause (60%) of system downtime." Think about every change that happens to your firewall on a daily basis, policy update to your AV configuration, or VLAN alteration on a switch. Without a previous configuration, it can often be difficult (if not impossible) to determine how and when a change occurred to a given device. Further, by allowing for many backups to be retained off-site, differentials of backups can occur, helping to clarify any confusion around the way that a given device has been changed over time.

Because NetWorks Group is focused on helping a wide variety of customers, the need to support an equally broad set of device types is required. When you utilize our Configuration Backup service, your team can rest assured that we are taking regular (daily, weekly, monthly — your choice) backups of your most critical devices and services. Because our customer's needs change so rapidly, we're constantly adding support for new backup types. If you're curious what we currently backup, here's our point-in-time view of backup types currently being supported:

  • Juniper: Junos, ScreenOS, Network and Security Manager, Trapeze, SSL VPN, RingMaster
  • Trend Micro: OfficeScan, Email Encryption Gateway, Worry-Free, InterScan (Web or Messaging) Security Virtual Appliances
  • Cisco: IOS, ASA
  • ​Aruba: Wireless Controllers
  • Check Point: Firewall
  • Axway: Mailgate
  • Miscellaneous: Web Servers (e.g. Apache + MySQL), Asterik PBX, BIND, Nagios

The need to backup these configurations is no more evident than in the following research quote: "The vast majority of organizations surveyed (86%) had experienced one or more instances of system downtime during the past 12 months that had, on average, lasted 2.2 days." Most teams can't afford to be down for hours, let alone days. Don't spend your time at 2AM trying to remember how to build a complex firewall configuration or IPS policy; let NetWorks Group provide you with the off-site backup of the configuration when you need it most.

Through a focus on redundancy and cryptography, NetWorks Group protects your data so that it's both safe from attackers and ready-to-go in a pinch. Remember, if you don't see your device or platform supported, just click "Contact Us" below and we'll be glad to discuss how our team can better serve yours. There's too much at stake not to.

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